A variety of fuels

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A variety of fuels are used in disposable canisters including propane, butane and Isobutane, and usually a mixture of these fuels. In upright stoves, the fuels must be in a vaporised state to drive the vapour out the top of the canister; if the ambient temperature drops below the fuel’s boiling point, it will become a liquid and the stove will not work. Butane boils at 0.5C, propane boils at 42C, while a mixture of these two fuels will boil somewhere within this range depending on the ratio of the blend.

PH is a number on a scale between one to fourteen measuring acidity or alkalinity. Water’s PH is seven. Your hair and skin have a PH between 4.5 and 5.5. Cheese is made mainly from the casein portion of milk, which makes up about 80% of milk protein. So the processing of cheese involves draining off the fluid whey portion of the milk. Long before anyone realized the benefits of whey, this whey runoff was simply discarded (the horror!).

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Eventually he passed his enthusiasm on to Jeff, 40. “Now we’re sticking to these little ones because they’re easy to work on.” Made famous in the Pixar movie, “Cars,” microcars are very compact small engine cars. Their size and no frills sensibility made them cheap to own and suitable for navigating narrow streets.

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