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“Different retailers’ varying business models may affect the prices they charge,” said Michael DeAngelis of CVS. “This is especially evident when comparing prescription prices between chain drug stores such as CVS/pharmacy, for which pharmacy is the core business, and retailers such as mass merchants and wholesalers, which may use (their) pharmacy business as a loss leader. Also, prescription drug prices fluctuate regularly in the marketplace.”.

The first step on any quest to get good digital photo printing at cheap prices is to do an online search that compares the price per print of different websites. You’ll find also find other options that enhance the pricing packages offered by companies such as membership programs and discounts on bulk orders. After ranking the different websites in terms of price, it is time to check out some reviews on photo quality.

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There are even nonburger burger options if you’re shunning red meat. We tried and liked the Salmon Burger ($8), like a salmon croquette but flattened into a patty, Cajunblackened and topped with a nicely tangy remoulade and fried green tomatoes. (The tomatoes were sliced a little thick and were a little tough to negotiate, so we abandoned them early on.).

Scenario B: But very expensive if go to court. The lawyer says my case must go to the magistrates court, and you know how much he wants to charge? RM5,000! On top of that, he says RM5,000 does not include filing fees and travelling. Worse still, he says he cannot guarantee I will get my money.

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